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Volunteer with BSHS Band Department

Before the First Note

Volunteers make a difference in every part of the Golden Regiment experience, from props and transportation to food and fundraising. 
See how you can help.

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Parents and Volunteers

Our parents and volunteers truly make a difference.  No matter the way or how much you help, all is appreciated!

Thank you for making us GReat!

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How can I help?

1. Join The Purple Wave to watch performances at home and away
2. Share your time and talents with the program

Volunteers in action!

It takes an army of volunteers to make each band performance a success. If you're interested in helping,  please contact us!

Blue Springs Band Volunteer Committee Chairs

Community Business Liaison: Tom Meyer [email protected]

Corporate Advertising:
Tim Canton [email protected] Brian Carrender [email protected]

Corporate Sponsorships: Joey Zarrillo [email protected]

Facebook Purple Wave Group:  Christy Harkins [email protected] Betty Jo Douglas [email protected] Karen Walls [email protected]

Financial Donations / Estate Donations / Grant Opportunities: John Ham [email protected]

Fireworks Tent: John Ham [email protected]

Food/Hospitality: April Rojosa [email protected] Kathy McCoy [email protected]
Picnic, Summer Snacks, Food on the Road, Tech Days/Midnight Madness, Meetings/Events Snacks at games

Fundraising Chair: Kristin Dennison [email protected] 
Various fundraising projects

Golden Regiment Invitational (GRI): Karen Walls [email protected]
Regional band festival run by parent volunteer, opportunities in all areas

Golf Tournament: Joey Zarrillo [email protected]

Prop Coordinator: Mark Meng [email protected]
Includes building props, props and percussion equipment set up and unloading the trailer at shows.

Semitrailers: Randy Barnett [email protected]
General maintenance and upkeep, new projects

Sewing/Uniforms: Melinda Bowman [email protected]
Band and Color guard uniform maintenance and fittings

St. Louis BOA Hosting: Betty Jo Douglas [email protected] 
Our parent group has been asked to host the BOA Super Regional event in St. Louis, MO. duties similar to GRI.

Team Store: Karen Walls [email protected] Jennifer Parker [email protected] Michelle Pierce [email protected]
GR branded merchandise

Student Account Fundraising:  Karen Walls [email protected]

Video:  Dave Roustio [email protected] Greg and Casey Meins [email protected] Brian Carrender [email protected]

Wildcat Football Games 50/50 Raffle: John Ham [email protected]

We are excited to host the 43rd Annual Golden Regiment Invitational

The GRI blends the professionalism and grandeur of a Bands of America show with the kind midwestern hospitality of Blue Springs, making it a perfect destination for bands of all sizes and competitive backgrounds. The GRI is known for having the very best marching band audiences in the activity with enthusiastic and electric support for every band.

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